Do you think about the air you’re breathing? Likely you don’t. A lot of people don’t. It may be time for indoor air quality testing. Millions of Americans go about their lives breathing in polluted air without much thought, and they never realize that they are harming their bodies. Our country is full of individuals who are often too busy between work, school, and family that they barely have time to cook and clean, much less give any thought to their HVAC system and whether it is doing a good job filtering pollutants. But no matter how busy you are, investing in your HVAC system and making sure that your indoor air quality is good is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. If you have never invested in indoor air quality testing and are not sure whether you need it, this blog is for you. Learn all you need to know about indoor air quality testing and more! 

What Is Indoor Air Quality Testing? 

Indoor air quality testing is a process used to detect harmful substances in your home. Common pollutants that may pop up on a test include carbon monoxide, radon, and mold. Because certain lethal gases do not emit an odor and produce no visible vapor, these tests are especially helpful if you suspect that you have a leak in your home. 

How Do I Know If I Need Indoor Air Quality Testing? 

Maybe you feel that your air is fine. You have never detected any issues, and you do not want to waste money on equipment. It’s understandable to want to be smart about your investments. Here are three signs that you need indoor air quality testing: 

1. You Are Experiencing Health Problems That May Be Linked to Pollutants 

Have you been feeling ill lately with no explanation? Perhaps your eyes have been itchy, and you have developed a persistent cough. Or maybe you are experiencing unexplained dizziness, headaches, and exhaustion. All of these symptoms can be early warning signs that you have been exposed to an indoor air pollutant. Long-term exposure can result in more serious illnesses such as respiratory diseases, infections, and cancers. That is why it is important to address any problem with your indoor air quality right away. Do not put off indoor air quality testing if you suspect there is a problem. 

2. You Own an Older Home 

Building regulations have changed a lot over the years. Materials like lead, large amounts of asbestos, and polychlorinated biphenyls can all be found in older homes. If you have never gotten a home inspection or actively searched for sources of pollutants, it is a good idea to invest in indoor air quality testing. 

A man uses a machine as part of his indoor air quality testing.

3. You’ve Noticed Unusual Odors 

Perhaps you’ve noticed unusual odors around your home lately. Perhaps they are musty, moldy, or rotten. But no matter what they smell like, if these odors are persistent and unexplainable, it is important to take care of them right away. 

How to Perform Indoor Air Quality Testing 

Performing indoor air quality testing on your own is simple. There are a lot of DIY tools that you can use. Indoor air quality monitors that rely on particulate matter (PM) to detect harmful substances are your best bet. You can purchase these from online retailers like Amazon or your local home improvement store. These are especially helpful if you suspect an indoor pollutant but are not sure which one. 

If you suspect specific indoor air pollutants, you can purchase detection tools that are more tailored to your needs. There are tests specifically for mold. There are also monitors specifically for radon and carbon monoxide. Like indoor air quality monitors, you can find all of these tests online or at home improvement stores. 

We Know How to Improve Indoor Air Quality! 

Hopefully, you have not discovered any pollutants in your home after performing indoor air quality testing. But if you have discovered that your air quality isn’t what it should be, don’t worry. Our team at Air Duct Cleaning Experts is here to assist you with improving your indoor air quality. Contact us today for the best HVAC services around!