Air Duct Cleaning Experts is happy to offer air duct installation services to those who must replace their old network of ducts or wish to install a new system in their new home.

Your ductwork plays a major role in the ventilation of your home. It helps carry temperature-controlled air throughout the home, so it remains at the temperature you desire.

When your air duct system is unable to do this any longer, or you wish to build a new home, our team will be there for you.

Through an experienced and dependent team, we provide quality services and hold ourselves to a high standard. Customer satisfaction matters the most to us.

Over the years, our clientele has grown due to the reliability that we offer. We take pride in being one of the most trustworthy service providers in the area.

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Air Duct Installation Service

The Importance of Air Duct Installation

The air we breathe while inside of our homes impacts our health constantly. While in a confined space like your home, you need a properly ventilated home to remain safe and healthy. When your ductwork fails to provide air throughout your home, you require a professional’s touch. Your air ducts may need entirely replaced or partially repaired. Whichever the case, installing new ductwork is not an easy project.

Air duct installation is unavoidable, no matter if you are constructing a new home, adding a room, or renovating your old residence. This project requires a professional’s experience because neglect can lead to serious problems such as higher utility bills, ineffective cooling or heating, and more!

Common Mistakes of Air Duct Installation

If you want to DIY your air duct installation, we would advise you don’t. Doing so can cause a lot of problems, with some of the most common being featured below:

  • Sizing: Without accurate sizing of your ductwork and tubing, you can face lower efficiency and other costly hassles.
  • Sealing: Air leaks are a consequence of the improper installation of seals between portions of your ductwork. This mistake may have two effects: it can restrict the amount of air that can travel through or draw in outside air, reducing the effectiveness of temperature regulation.
  • Placement: Installing ducts in the wrong places, such as a poorly insulated wall, can lead to a loss of temperature-controlled air. Additionally, poor placement can lead to ductwork getting damaged sooner than expected.

The problems listed above are only a few things that can happen in a DIY project. Other issues include a lack of planning, sharp turns or bends in installation, and forgetting to install returns. All of these issues create costly repairs and damages over time. Avoid such an issue with a professional at your side.

Air Duct Installation Process

The air duct installation process typically takes one to two days, depending on the size of the home. Of course, we can give you a more accurate estimate when you contact us with more information.

Once we know the size and layout of your home, we can create a plan for installing your air ducts. This process requires a lot of planning and design, which is essential in our installation process.

You can view our entire process below:

  1. Planning: As we mentioned, designing and planning the route of your air duct system is essential for its success. During this phase, we also are sure to determine which duct sizes are best for your home.
  2. Plenum Install: The plenum is the part of your HVAC system that draws air and distributes it into the trunk line. Essentially, the plenum is the heart of the entire system, maintaining distribution and air pressure throughout the house.
  3. Trunk Line Install: The trunk line is the primary or central duct leading to your AC and furnace. Think of the trunk line as the aorta of your HVAC system; it delivers most of the air to the remaining smaller ducts.
  4. Smaller Duct Install: Your smaller ducts are the veins of your HVAC system. These ducts send air into each individual room or part of the house. We ensure each duct is sealed correctly to prevent leaks or costly repairs in the future.
  5. Return Vent and Air Duct Install: Return ducts help return air from the rest of the house to the HVAC system so it can be cooled or heated again. Most homes only have one to three return vents but some homes may require more. We’ll make the right choice based on your specific home.

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