Air Duct Cleaning Experts is an expert HVAC and air duct company operating in Houston for years. Our company offers a wide range of HVAC and air duct-related services to ensure 100% functional air regulation in your house.

Our chimney installation services are specially designed to either restore your old chimneys or build a brand-new chimney from the ground up.

At Air City Cleaning, we are eager to build the most effective, safe, and fully functional chimney that not only uplifts the appearance of your interiors but also keeps your family safe. Our experts are industry veterans who have been locally operating near you for years.

Being professionals in the field, we are eager to help you build a beautiful and effective chimney, regardless of the type. You can trust us to install a high-quality chimney in your house while keeping our rates reasonable and transparent.

Every homeowner knows that a beautiful and fully functional chimney is an investment in their house.

Our team understands the value that a high-quality chimney can add to your property, but we also know how important the installation aspect of a chimney is to keep your family safe.

We make sure all the chimneys are installed perfectly by testing them multiple times to be sure.

Chimney Installation Services in Houston

Air Duct Cleaning Experts offers a full scope of HVAC services, including chimney installation. We deploy the most well-trained and knowledgeable technicians on your site to offer unparalleled chimney installation services.

You will be amazed by our courteous technicians who do everything in their power to ensure that the homeowners are left satisfied by our chimney installation services.

Our team handles the following types of chimney installations:

1. Masonry Chimneys

Masonry chimneys are the classic style of chimneys that are built using bricks, mortar, cement, stone, or blocks. They are usually installed for masonry fireplaces as they go well with these types of fireplaces. In a masonry chimney, all the smoke and heat are passed upward to the roof through a channel and then dumped into the atmosphere.

Masonry chimneys are ideal for cold areas as the bricks that are used in this chimney can absorb heat. As a result, this heat is radiated to all the areas of your house, keeping it warm and cozy.

2. Metal Chimneys

Metal chimneys work quite similarly to masonry chimneys. However, they are more space-consuming and can even cost more than masonry chimneys. Moreover, metal chimneys don’t really look attractive in your house and are best suited for commercial or back-areas of your house that is out of sight.

We install both double-walled or triple-walled metal chimneys. You can boost the aesthetic appeal of metal chimneys by enclosing them in masonry chimney cases, a wooden structure, and even in a sided frame.

3. Fireplace Chimneys

Fireplace chimneys use fireplace inserts that are typically wood stoves. Such stoves are designed to fit into open fireplaces built out of bricks. These types of stoves are built to the top side of the chimneys.

4. Factory-Built Chimneys

Factory-built chimneys are mostly common in modern types of homes today. Also known as prefabricated chimneys, these chimneys come with a stylish design and are accompanied by innovative fireplaces.

These chimneys come pre-built from factories and are ready to install into a firebox that is made from sheet metals. They come in various materials that you can choose from. However, since the fireplaces for these chimneys cannot fit all kinds of chimneys, we ensure you that we find the perfect match for your fireplaces. We buy both the parts as a set, so they fit perfectly.

Proper and Professional Chimney Installation Services Guaranteed!

At Air Duct Cleaning Experts, our team understands that proper installation is key to achieving a fully functional and high-performing chimney. We take all the measurements and precautions to assure the safety of your home.

So if you want to restore your old chimney or install a new one, we can help you decide the right one for you.

If you have any questions regarding chimney installation, call us now at 832-495-4993 to get all your questions answered.

Our team will get back to you at the earliest and take a look at your house to offer a transparent estimate for your chimney installation.

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