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Expert Attic Insulation Services in Houston

If you have been getting high utility bills lately or noticing your rooms getting too hot or too cold, these are some of the signs that your attic insulation has been compromised.

Upgrading your attic’s insulation should be your first priority because not only is it going to save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills, but it will also improve your overall comfort and air quality.

According to our experts, having a fully functional and insulated attic can cut down your energy costs by up to 40%.

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That’s HUGE compared to how much upgrading your insulation would cost you. When you contact Air Duct Cleaning Experts for attic insulation, we will inspect your attic and calculate the insulation levels. This will help us come up with a perfect insulation solution for your attic, depending on its layout and its insulation level.

How to Know if You Have Poor Attic Insulation?

Here are a few signs to determine if your attic has poor insulation:

  • The area of your house that is right beneath the attic gets too hot or cold while the rest of your house has a stable temperature
  • You are getting unexpectedly high energy bills or paying more for heating fuel
  • You can see the attic floor joists either from above or from between your current attic insulation
  • Your attic insulation is less than 1- inches
  • The ducts in the attic are visible above the insulation.
  • You experience cold drafts in the winter.

If you have any of these signs, you most definitely have poor insulation in your attic. Call our attic insulation experts ASAP to inspect and restore your attic’s ventilation.

How Our Attic Insulation
Services Work

Once you call us for an inspection, our attic insulation expert will come over to conduct an inspection.

Once the scope of the project has been determined and you hire us for your attic insulation needs, our team will arrive with the proper tools and materials to fill in the gaps in your deteriorating insulation.

We will make sure all the sections of your attic are properly insulated, and no spot is left untouched.

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Benefits of Our Attic Insulation Services

Here’s why you should choose Air Duct Cleaning Experts as your attic insulation partners:

  • We offer expert insulation by certified and trained technicians with years of knowledge and experience
  • We handle various attic insulation materials include cellulose, spray foam, and insulation boards
  • We carry out tests during our inspections to find out any air leaks
  • We promise you reduced heating and cooling costs and improved indoor air quality after our insulation services

The Energy Savings for Your Entire House Start from Your Attic!

You may have never thought of it, but a properly insulated attic can save energy costs for your entire house because the attic of your house can be the biggest source of electricity loss in your house.

It can have tons of air leaks over time which have stayed hidden for months. Installing proper attic insulation and sealing your air leaks can make a huge difference in your energy costs.

You will also notice a considerable improvement in the indoor temperature and air quality of your house.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the ideal attic insulation should be 16 inches. Whereas a typical house has 10 or less than 10 inches of attic insulation. We make sure to achieve the 16-inch mark to ensure 100% efficiency of your attic insulation.

Our technicians at Air Duct Cleaning Experts can reduce your energy costs by up to 40% by upgrading the insulation of your attics.

Call today for an inspection and an estimate for attic insulation services.

Professional Attic Insulation Services Guaranteed!

At Air City Cleaning, our team understands that proper insulation is key to achieving a fully functional and sealed attic. We take all the measurements and precautions so that nothing is left to guesswork.

Our certified team is trained to deal with all kinds of attic insulation materials.

So call us now at 832-495-4993 to get all your questions answered. Our team will get back to you ASAP and take a look at your house to offer a transparent estimate for your attic insulation.

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