One thing we focus a lot on in our society is clothing. There are an enormous amount of fashion shows, fashion magazines, and famous models who set trends in design. Whether you are into the fashion industry or not, you likely put some thought or effort into your outfits each day. After all, your clothes help communicate your personality, goals, and interests. And even if you don’t put much thought into your clothing, you still have to have plenty of it. After all, not wearing clothes is not an option if you want to leave your home! 

If you are one of the clothes-wearing members of society, you naturally need a way to keep them clean and dry. Your dryer is probably one of the most-used appliances in your home. After all, how else would you have convenient access to a toasty pile of laundry after you do a load? But unfortunately, in our fashion-obsessed society, people put a lot more thought into their shirts, skirts, and pants than they do about dryer maintenance. This can lead to disaster for many homeowners. Check out our blog on dryer maintenance to learn more. 

Why is Dryer Maintenance Important? 

Dryer maintenance is important because it can prevent major disasters that cause harm to you, your family members, your home, and even your neighborhood. Did you know that dryers are responsible for more than 15,000 fires every year? Imagine leaving your home after putting a bundle of wet clothes into the dryer, only to come back and find nothing but smoking devastation left behind. Dryer fires are relatively common, and they should be taken seriously. You should always consider the fact that this appliance could cause injury and destruction. 

Why Do Dryers Catch On Fire? 

There are three main causes behind dryer fires. The first is mechanical and electrical troubles. Naturally, anything with electronic components may cause a hazard when parts get damaged or malfunction. That is why you should always perform a visual inspection of your dryer every few months, looking over wiring and other elements. This will help you catch problems early on. 

The second cause of dryer fires is failure to clean out the dryer vents properly. Sometimes, just clearing the lint trap is not enough to prevent a buildup. Lint may make its way into the dryer vent and hose, where it sits ready to catch a spark and ignite. 

Finally, failure to use the dryer according to instructions can cause a fire. For instance, if you exceed the recommended capacity for the dryer or place something that is not dryer safe inside, you may face issues. It is always best to follow instructions when you use an appliance.

A loaded dryer in need of dryer maintenance

How to Keep Up With Dryer Maintenance

If you want to prevent dryer fires and extend the lifespan of our appliance, you need to invest in proper dryer maintenance. Here are five dryer maintenance tips for you: 

1. Clean Your Lint Trap Cavity

You know to pull out the lint trap when you finish a load of laundry. But you also need to clean out the cavity that the lint trap slides into as well. This area can accumulate a lot of lint, so it is important to clean it out with a vacuum every once in a while. 

2. Keep the Area Surrounding Your Washer and Dryer Clean

Keeping your dryer clean isn’t enough to prevent complications. You also should clean your laundry room often as well. When you keep the area surrounding your washer and dryer free of debris, it will help your appliances stay healthy and last longer. You should not go more than three months without giving your laundry room a once-over. However, feel free to perform this step more often if you like. 

3. Inspect the Exterior Exhaust Often

Ideally, air and lint flow smoothly from your dryer to the exterior exhaust, keeping your vents clear of debris. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the exterior exhaust may become clogged by yard material or debris left behind by insects and birds. That is why you should inspect it regularly to ensure it is clear. 

4. Vacuum Out Your Dryer Vent Tubing

You should vacuum out your dryer vent tubing often to prevent lint buildup. This is especially important if you have an aluminum foil one, as the ridges are more prone to trap lint that may become a fire hazard later on. It is easy to detach the vent tubing from your dryer and give it a thorough cleaning every few months. 

5. Get Regular Dryer Maintenance From a Professional 

Dryer maintenance is not something you should completely DIY. It is important to hire a professional for cleaning and inspection every one to two years. Enlisting the help of an expert helps prevent less obvious problems from going unnoticed and getting out of hand. 

We Can Assist You With Dryer Maintenance! 

Are you looking for dryer maintenance services in Houston? Our team at Houston Air Duct Cleaning Experts is here for you. Air ducts aren’t our only specialty. We can also clean your dryer vents and ensure that this appliance stays healthy and lasts longer. The last thing you want is a dryer fire, so invest in proper dryer maintenance from a professional today. Reach out to our team and learn more about our services!