Air duct cleaning can mean the difference between good and bad indoor air quality. To ensure your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned, it’s essential to have the right equipment available. One notable piece of air duct cleaning equipment is HEPA filters. Understandably, you have questions such as, “What are HEPA filters?”, “How do they work?” and “What benefits can I reap by using HEPA filters?” The good news is that you can learn the answers to these questions by reading this blog. 

What Are HEPA Filters? 

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a type of mechanical air filter that, according to the EPA, can remove 99.97% of particulate matter in the air. Particulate matter consists of solid and liquid particles and pollutants that can be airborne, such as dust, mold, and many others. These filters are usually portable, and the screens are made of fiberglass fibers that are woven together. 

Keep in mind that there are four different kinds of HEPA filters on the market. HEPA-like filters are marketed as being similar to the real thing but are essentially knockoffs. True, absolute, H13, and H14 HEPA filters all meet the required standards. True and absolute HEPA filters are used in household settings, while H13 and H14 filters are considered medical grade. 

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How Do HEPA Filters Work? 

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of this air filtration technology, you’re ready to learn how exactly it works. The air particles are pulled into the HEPA filter, where they are trapped in the mesh fibers. These particulates can get trapped through the processes of impaction, interception, and diffusion

Impaction involves large particles getting pulled into the fibers. Interception is when small particles that follow airflow eventually stick to the fibers. Finally, diffusion occurs when the smallest air particles collide with gas molecules, removing them from the airflow. 

The Benefits Of HEPA Filters

You can now add to your growing knowledge of HEPA filters by taking a look at the three benefits they offer to your home: 

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Given how they work, the primary benefit of this device is improved indoor air quality. The ability of this purifier to capture and get rid of smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses makes it a valuable asset, especially if you use air duct cleaning equipment with HEPA filters. 

2. Reduced Asthma And Allergies 

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma or allergies, using HEPA filters in your air duct cleaning equipment and air filtration system can ease those symptoms. When allergy or asthma symptoms seem to be more frequent than usual, see if HEPA filters can be utilized the next time your HVAC system receives a thorough, routine cleaning. 

3. Odor Removal 

Finally, using this item in air duct cleaning equipment and air purifying systems can help remove odors. If there are strange odors in your home that won’t seem to go away, HEPA filters can be one way to remove them. That said, you should also have your ducts checked for mold or mildew so that the source can be eliminated along with the symptoms. 

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