Rodents can be cute and fuzzy. Many people love their pet rats, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs. They can be cuddly, affectionate, and entertaining. However, those adjectives are generally confined to domestic rodents. Domestic rodents are not known to be aggressive or carry diseases the way their wild counterparts are. Yet sometimes, unfortunately, you may find yourself with both in your home. While your precious pet is peacefully relaxing in its cage, wild rodents could be skittering around your dwelling space as well. One place that wild rodents like rats and mice like to go is your air ducts. If you are worried that you may have rodents in air ducts around your home, keep reading to find out what to do. 

3 Signs of Rodents In Air Ducts

Rodents in air ducts may go undetected for a short period of time as they settle down and get comfortable in your HVAC system. But after a time, their presence becomes more apparent. Here are three signs of rodents in air ducts: 

1. Scratching, Squeaking, and Skittering Sounds 

Rodents are not quiet, especially rats. When they are close by, you can hear them squeaking, skittering, and scratching in your air ducts. You may even hear them fighting. (This is a common behavior among rats trying to establish their territory.) Any of these sounds emanating from your HVAC system are a sure indicator of rodents in air ducts. 

2. Foul Odors 

Bad odors in your air vents can be caused by more than one source. For example, mold and mildew are also leading causes of foul smells in air ducts. But bad smells can also indicate the presence of rodents in air ducts. Whether dead or alive, mice and rats stink. Live rodents leave droppings and urine throughout your air ducts, which release unpleasant scents. However, dead rodents release stronger and more putrid scents because their corpses release chemicals and gases. If you’re smelling rotting meat or other similar odors wafting from your HVAC system, it is likely a dead rodent. 

rodents in a residence that has rodents in air ducts

3. New Allergy-Like Symptoms In Yourself and Family Members

When your HVAC system becomes compromised, indoor air quality decreases. This sometimes leads to you and your family members experiencing allergy-like symptoms. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in symptoms whenever the HVAC system turns on, it could be a sign of rodents in air ducts. However, your HVAC system may also just need a new filter. Allergy-like symptoms alone do not necessarily signal that you are sharing your space with rats and mice.  

How to Get Rid of Rodents In Air Ducts 

You’re going to need the help of a pest control professional if you have a serious infestation. So the first step to getting rid of rodents in your air ducts is contacting a local pest control company. From there, you can focus on prevention. Rodents often get into air ducts because of weaknesses in your HVAC system. For instance, there may be holes in your ductwork that need to be sealed up. An HVAC technician can clean up any dander and rodent droppings left behind by your unwanted guests and then perform any necessary repairs to prevent future infestations. Thus, you’ll need to hire two experts when you get rid of rodents in air ducts. 

We Know How to Prevent Rodents In Air Ducts! 

Are you facing a distressing rodent infestation in your HVAC system? Our team at Houston Air Duct Cleaning Experts can assist you. Once you rid your home of rodents, we can come clean and inspect your air ducts for insecurities. Then we will reinforce your HVAC system with necessary repairs and maintenance, ensuring you do not have to worry about rodents in air ducts again. Contact our team today to learn more about our cleaning, repair, and maintenance services!