Scrubbing and mopping is not the solution if you want to keep your tiles polished to look as good as new and clear of any grease. Cleaning the grout, a porous material laid between the tiles, can seem like a long and impossible process at home since grime and dirt are trapped in and tough to get out. All kinds of tiles: ceramic, terracotta, or marble, get affected by age and wear out after a certain period.

To increase the longevity, upkeep the appearance, and deeply cleanse your tiles, you need to get the floor professionally cleaned. Store-bought alkaline solutions can only keep your tiles for so long and start building up residue on your floor after a while. Mold and mildew can also stain your tiles and create an unhygienic surface that can be hazardous to your health.

Air Duct Cleaning Experts’ expert tile cleaning professionals have advanced tools and effective deep-cleaning techniques to eliminate grime, bacteria, and dirt embedded deeply in your tiles. Our years of expertise have provided us with ample knowledge about restoring different tiles to transform their look as lustrous and shiny as new.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Your Tiles Professionally Cleaned?

Many people try difficult DIY tile cleaning methods and even try clearing out the grout with a toothbrush, a grueling task we will never suggest to any of our clients. Using harsh chemicals is unrecommended by professionals since it may damage the protective sealant on top of your tiles.

Getting your tiles professionally cleaned allows you to rest easy and let them do the hard work with advanced equipment and special solutions. Our cleaning professionals inspect your tiles and make sure to utilize the best techniques to remove stains and gunk. If you are still unsure about investing in a professional tile cleaning service, here are more benefits listed for you:

Removes Stains

As tiles age, they might darken in color, making their appearance look duller. Our professionals can help restore the appearance of any aging discoloration or tough spill stains on your tiles with ease!

Restores the Luster

You may have noticed that your tiles have lost their shine as the years have passed. Worn-out tiles need to be waxed and polished regularly to maintain their attractive shine. To resolve this, our experts suggest applying a new layer of sealant to enhance the appearance of your tiles to look brand new.

Prolongs Your Tiles’ Longevity

A well-maintained tiled floor that is cleaned and waxed regularly is guaranteed to look better and last longer. Tile cleaning professionals are well-equipped with knowledge about which chemicals to use to keep your floor looking its best and keep it in the best shape possible.

Deeply Cleans Your Tiles and Grout

Over time, tiles and grout can begin to absorb and collect grime inside. These impurities are not easy to clean with regular mopping or scrubbing. With a professional tile cleaning service, special equipment and chemicals are used to scour out any embedded dirt which may have been dulling your tiles’ appearance. Avail Air Duct Cleaning Experts’s grout cleaning services in Spring to see a world of a difference!

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