Mold can be a nasty menace to any home or office space. Mold is a microscopic fungus present everywhere that can enter your home through your air conditioning systems, windows and doors, and even your clothing.

It thrives on moisture and high humidity, and can start growing and spreading in moist places in as little as 48 hours.

Mold may appear as harmless black spots in your kitchen or near your shower drain but has the potential to produce irritants, allergens, and toxins harmful to the health of the people living in that space.

If mold is not effectively removed during the initial stages, it may grow into larger colonies affecting the quality of air and the area around the mold.

Therefore, every property owner needs to take mold seriously and have the mold removed immediately before it starts spreading. Air Duct Cleaning Experts is proud to have professional mold removers on our team who have eliminated molds for several families and property owners. Whether there is mold in a bathroom or a large commercial area, our professionals are trained and certified to eliminate mold effectively at any stage of the process. After eliminating the mold, our services also include restoration of the damaged area.

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What If I Don’t Get Mold Removed?

Growing mold not only ruins the appearance of your white sink or bathroom tiles but destroys important structural elements of your building or property. It can greatly devalue your home’s price and cause excessive damage to your furniture and other belongings.

Moreover, there may be serious health repercussions if the mold in your building is allowed to fester. Mold colonies will continue to grow, If the area is high in humidity or has constant contact with moisture, to cause allergies, respiratory issues, and even agitate preexisting health problems.

How Will Air Duct Cleaning Experts Remove Mold in My Building?

Our expert mold removing professionals have years of experience in working with different sites and different mold growths. We have a vigorous mold removing process and several services that we offer to our clients:


After you call us, our professionals will come to the site for a full inspection. It does not matter if the mold is hidden in the crook of your kitchen walls; we will use the most advanced tools to detect mold growth for proper elimination.

Removal of Mildew and Mold

Whether it is a minor mildew problem or an extensive mold growth, we will use the best tools and techniques to eradicate the problem to its core. If a plumbing or leakage issue needs to be addressed foremost, our professional can take care of that for you with ease.

Restoration or Replacement

After eradicating the mold, our professionals can take care of any discoloration or ill effects your walls or flooring may have suffered. We can also reapply caulking to your bathroom sinks or bathtubs that may have been damaged due to mold and restore them to their original look.


After the complete restoration of the distressed site, our professionals will disinfect the entire area to ensure to stunt any regrowth of the fungus and keep your building clean and mold-free.

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