Whether installing air ducts in a new building or adding new air ducts while remodeling, air ducts installation (managing air conditioning and air ducts’ structure) can prove to be tricky business.

Many people try to manage this feat all by themselves. Still, as professionals with years of experience in the field, we would advise letting a professional contractor handle it for you.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when installing air ducts in a space. A good HVAC technician will consider every aspect before installing a large air duct system; the material to be used, sizing of the ducts, and the optimum airflow, and air pressure.

The most common installation problems made by inexperienced technicians are bad planning for the system, poor sealing and bending, improper sizing and placement, and inadequate returns. These problems affect the system’s efficiency, cause discomfort to people, and prove to be a safety hazard.

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The Air Ducts Installation Process

Technicians at Air Duct Cleaning Experts use their years of expertise and the most advanced technology to install a system that lasts for years. It usually takes a team of professionals about two days to install an air duct system for a house. We have broken down the complete air duct installation process into steps for you:

Planning and Designing the Ductwork

The most important step in the process is preparing a design that works best for the site. This includes selecting sizing, the material of the ducts, and the mapping of the complete structure.

The complete structure includes planning the location of the vents, the returns, and judging how much ductwork is needed to cool a room.

Plenum Installation

The plenum is the chamber that collects the air from the furnace or the air conditioning for airflow to the main trunk line. It is the heart of the operation where the main trunk line originates from.

Main Trunk Line Installation

The main trunk line is the backbone of the complete duct system as it collects the air from the plenum and supplies it forward to the smaller ducts.

The main trunk line covers the entire air duct system and ends with a cap that stops the airflow at the end of the line.

Branch Installation

The branches are the ducts attached to the main trunk line and lead the airflow to your rooms’ planned vents.

Branch installation can be tricky as the joints from the main trunk line must be installed correctly with the material and shape of the pipes used.

Returns Installation

The returns are the most vital part of the whole air duct system.

The air returns are used for proper air circulation to ensure enough air is being pushed out of the room as pushed into the rooms.

The number and placement of the returns depend mainly on the size of the site of installation.

Air Duct Installation

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