One of the reasons why people opt for natural stone when redoing their flooring is because marble is durable. Whether it’s for your flooring or for your walls, marble can last over a 100 years. However, durability does not mean that it can withstand any kind of damage. Even cleaning your marble the wrong way can hurt its surface over time and make it appear old and dirty.

So our tile cleaning experts came up with the most common marble cleaning mistakes that homeowners make and why you should avoid them.

1. Using Vinegar to Clean Your Marble

While you may be tempted to throw a mixture of vinegar and water on your marble after watching a YouTube DIY, not everything on the internet is legit. Marble surfaces are very delicate and require appropriate care and cleaning products to stay that way.

Using harsh chemicals can burn their surface and make your marble look yellowish. Therefore, always buy cleaning products that are made especially for natural stone. Make sure the cleaning agents have a balanced pH level of 7.

Avoid cleaning your marble with vinegar or using cleaners that have vinegar. That’s because most of the natural stones, including limestone, marble, and travertine, will be adversely affected by the vinegar due to its acidity. Make sure you buy a cleaning agent with a balanced pH to maintain the appearance of your marble throughout its lifetime.

2. Not Keeping Doormats Near Doors

You will be surprised to know how much dirt, debris, and other pollutants come stuck with your shoes whenever you enter your house. These particles are very harmful to natural stone and can damage its appearance forever. Due to their abrasive nature, dirt and sand will leave your marble floors full of scratches.

So the best way to prevent this is to keep doormats inside and outside of every entry door to your house so that it catches all the pollutants stuck on your shoes. Placing doormats would massively reduce the amount of dirt you bring in.

Additionally, you should clean your marble floor with a dry mop to get rid of the dirt without scratching the surface of your marble. Just a dry mop would do the trick. You don’t need to use acidic cleaners with it.

3. Not Sealing Your Marble Surfaces

All the natural stone surfaces differ depending on the type of natural stone you get. For instance, marble is more porous than other materials, so it is easily stained if the dirt and spills are not cleaned immediately.

But if you have your marble floor sealed, you don’t have to worry about it getting stained. Call a professional tile expert to get your marble floors sealed regularly. Doing so would increase your floor’s resistance to water and liquids.

4. Using an Abrasive Tool to Clean Marble

Using abrasive tools to clean your marble will leave your floors and walls etched and scratched. Use delicate tools to clean your marble, such as a dry mop. Avoid using abrasive scrubbing tools, as these tools will scratch off the surface of your marble, leaving behind an etched and ugly surface.

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