Mold is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. From damaging the entire structure of your house to causing health problems, it is an incredibly unpleasant problem to deal with. The worst thing about mold is that it’s not always visible. You can’t really tell if there’s mold growing inside your walls until the situation worsens and you face serious repercussions.

In this post, we will share how to know if there is mold in your walls so you can get it eliminated immediately.

1. Be Mindful of Unusual Odors

You can easily identify an odd odor in your house. But if you feel like it has been days and the odor is not going away, try to sniff out where it’s coming from. Smelling unusual odors in your house is normal, but it becomes a problem if it doesn’t go away after a couple of days. If you find that the source of the odor is coming from the inside of your walls, then it is a sign that there is mold lingering inside your walls.

2. You See Ugly Spots on Your Walls

You may not look closely at the walls around your house normally. However, it is important that you keep an eye out on your walls to find damp stains. Since mold is caused by water damage, it leaves behind damp stains on your walls that can easily be identified. Look for damp, discolored spots on your walls. If you find any, get your walls inspected for mold by a professional.

3. The Paint on Your Walls Is Chipped

Another sign of mold growth in your walls is warping, peeling, or cracking of the material that is affected. For instance, if there is mold inside your walls, you will find that the paint on that wall is peeling, and there are signs of water damage. If that’s the case, then you should call a professional for a mold inspection.

4. There Is a Source of Water Nearby

If there is a spot in your house where there is a source of water nearby, but no sunlight or fresh air comes inside, it will most probably have water damage. Mold grows where there is moisture in your house. So any spot that stays damp all the time may be affected by mold.

If you see any of these signs of mold growth in your house and do nothing about it, it will damage the entire structure of your house and cause serious health problems. Mold not only affects the surface of your walls but damages them from within. It also ruins your indoor air quality.

The air that you and your family breathe in will be seriously hazardous. So it’s important that you get your house inspected for mold immediately and get it eliminated. For professional mold elimination services, call Air Duct Cleaning Experts.

Professional Mold Elimination Services

So that’s how to know if there is mold in your walls. Call us now at (832) 495-4993 for immediate mold elimination before the situation worsens. It begins from a tiny black spot and grows into colonies. If your house is infested by mold, you or your family will have allergic reactions and may even face deadly consequences.

To prevent this, you should get mold eliminated immediately. Call Air Duct Cleaning Experts for professional mold elimination services. We will get rid of all the mold colonies from your house and restore it. Contact us today if you see any of the aforementioned signs in your house.