Houses need a lot of maintenance. Because it always seems there is something to do, it is easy for some important tasks to get ignored. Naturally, this never happens on purpose. Either you completely forget because you do not realize the particular task is important, which is often a problem for first-time homeowners. Or you know you need to get to the maintenance task eventually, but you have so much on your plate it is almost impossible. 

Who can blame you either way? Between cleaning, mowing the lawn, and weeding flower beds, you barely have time for anything else. That being said, you do need to be careful not to overlook important parts of your home, such as the HVAC system, if possible. Here are four air duct maintenance tips to help you keep your home healthy: 

1. Clean Regularly 

Air ducts are not usually visible parts of your home, so you can overlook them as part of your usual cleaning routine. After all, you’re probably much more worried about the persistent dust settling on your furniture, the mildew in the bathroom, and the dirty dishes in the sink. However, air ducts need to be cleaned as well once in a while. When you do not clean your air ducts regularly, you might end up with excessive dust buildup or even mold growth. 

Dirty air ducts are not just a problem for your HVAC system. They are a problem for your health as well. When mold spores, dust, dirt, and other nasty particles start to circulate throughout your home, it will start to take a toll on your body. You might experience allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and an itchy throat. In more severe cases, you might develop respiratory infections and other more serious health problems. Thus, air duct maintenance is an essential part of keeping your health intact. 

2. Change Your Air Filters

Changing your air filters on a schedule will help prevent buildup and extend the life of your HVAC system. In general, you should change your air filter every three months. If you start to notice excessive dust and dirt building up around your air vents, then you should change it sooner. 

Because you only have to change filters every three months, make sure that you are keeping a regular schedule so you don’t forget. Mark the date on the calendar you last changed your air filter and continue to do so with each replacement. This ensures you’ll keep up with this part of your air duct maintenance. 

A professional performs air duct maintenance.

3. Check Your Cooling Coils Often 

Your HVAC system has a special way to prevent moisture damage in your air ducts. Part of your system called the cooling coil helps remove moisture from the air, then allows it to drip into a pan beneath it. This prevents water from entering your air ducts and staying there to encourage mold and mildew growth. 

In an ideal world, your coils would continuously work without causing any problems themselves. However, sometimes, these parts stop functioning properly because they are dirty or damaged. That is why you should check your cooling coils often and make sure there is no buildup on them. Also, check the area around your cooling coils to ensure that there is no water damage. Water damage is almost always a sign something is wrong with your coils or drain pan. Water damage can quickly get out of control, which is why air duct maintenance is so important.

4. Hire a Professional For Annual Inspection

Prevention is the best air duct maintenance strategy. If you want to avoid large issues in the future, you can hire a professional to inspect your air ducts annually. This ensures that minor problems get caught before they turn into major ones. Professionals can clean, seal, and repair your air ducts or perform any other air duct maintenance requirements each year, saving you unnecessary stress and costs in the long run. 

We Can Help With Air Duct Maintenance! 

You likely have a lot on your plate already between working, raising kids, taking care of pets, and trying to schedule quality time with friends and family. If air duct maintenance seems like an overwhelming task that you can’t handle, that’s okay. Rely on our team at Houston Air Duct Cleaning Experts. Contact our experts today and learn about how we can assist you with air duct maintenance!